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About Us

The NORIEGA HOTEL was founded by Faustino Noriega in 1893. It was taken over in 1931 by Juan and Gracianna Elizalde. The original hotel, after many years, became a boarding house for men only. In 1940 the restaurant business was such that it became necessary to expand, and the Bar and Dining room were added. The doors remained open for 89 years until May 1ST 2020.


Not wanting to see the complete end of an era and what the NORIEGA HOTEL represented, local entrepreneurs purchased the majority of the restaurant equipment including tables, chairs, recipes and much of the original décor. The restaurant has been relocated to its new home in the Stockdale Fashion Plaza at 4809 Stockdale Hwy. The renovation of what was previously Café Med has now taken on the nostalgia of the NORIEGA HOTEL RESTAURANT and is transformed into what will now be known as NORIEGA’S.


Thank you for visiting the new NORIEGA’s and please enjoy the many original pictures that are hung proudly representing the old restaurant and hotel. Experience the family atmosphere that has been a part of the Bakersfield community for so many years. The entire staff hopes you’ll enjoy the traditional Basque menu that has been handed down for generations and relive the NORIEGA Era. The ultimate goal is for your experience at NORIEGA’S to be extremely enjoyable and to see NORIEGA’S once again become the hub of the Basque community while serving exceptional meals to the public. Breakfast served Friday-Sunday only. All prices include house wine. Lunch is one seating at 11:30am or additional seating at 12:30pm. Dinner is one seating only at 6pm or additional seating at 8pm on Friday and Saturday. Reservations are recommended

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